Buying or selling a house,
be prepared for the future.

More Than a Checklist

Our standard of a home inspection is more than just a checklist. We strive to go the extra mile with each inspection by ensuring our clients fully understand our process and findings. We make the process simple and connect with each client on a personal level. Being able to clearly communicate the discoveries made during the inspection is crucial to allowing our clients to make informed decisions.

An Informed Decision

Once a home inspection is completed and reviewed, it becomes easier for a homebuyer to see what kind of condition the house is in. The inspection gives the buyer as much information as possible when considering and comparing the pros and cons of a home. We also offer a pre-inspection, which can help home sellers understand what shape their home is in before listing it on the market. This can help make the selling process smoother.

A Clear Understanding

There are so many factors to account for when inspecting a home or building. Whether they are inside or outside the home, it’s our duty to provide knowledge in a simple to understand manner, so there is no confusion upon reviewing the detailed findings included in the home inspection report. Knowing there is a problem is one thing, but understanding how it will affect a home in the long run is vital to proper home care.

Learn about the Home Maintenance Manual.
Included with any service as a complimentary bonus!

By hiring Vision Home Inspections, you get access to HomeGauge’s Create Request List. A game-changing tool allowing Real Estate Agent and Clients to create a Repair/Request list directly from our inspection report! This feature saves time, eliminates extra steps, and is included in our inspection!